Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in Review: October

It seems as though I blinked and October was here, blinked again and it was over. What a nuts-o month it was. 

First we had Madison's school carnival: 
-set up on the weekend before
-3 days of volunteering in the heat
-break down in one day

As much as I hate volunteering and getting to know Madison's school community, this wasn't all that bad this year. I guess I should stop being such a...hmmm, can't think of a fitting word here...and just enjoy getting out of the house. 

Madison & her gf Thuyan

Madison, Xochitl, & Leah

I also brought about 30 mini pumpkins up to school, donated by my sister-in law's mother at Banducci Family Pumpkin Patch in Bakersfield, for all of the kindergartners to decorate. 

Then of course, to round the month out, there was Halloween. This year Madison went as Count Dracula, and really got into dressing up and trick-or-treating. She came home with 2 bags FULL of candy. Robert, was going to be a mini Count Dracula as well, but a.) he didn't fit into some of the costume b.) wanted nothing to do with wearing the part of the costume he actually fit into, so he stayed home with Grandma to pass out candy.

I vant to suck your bllooood!

Zombie Rosie the Riveter 

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