Friday, December 21, 2012

Year in Review: April

April was a sad month. April Fool's Day (I hate that shit, cause I'm always the fool!), Taxes, and a friend of mine passed away.

I don't actually recall what his real name was, but we called him Tuna. Tuna was the diving coach over at Santa Monica College. I first met him when I swam for SMC, way back in 2005. If one stopped by the pool at any given moment, Tuna was there. I almost think that he lived in a secret cave beneath the pool deck, only so that if someone needed help with the scoring system, or wanted/needed to chat, he would be there.

Tuna was a sweet soul, about 5'7" and nearly as big around as he was tall. He always had a smile on his face and a (dirty) joke to tell. He was a Russian immigrant, with an accent thick as molasses that made conversations with him an exercise in translation!

Tuna loved me. I was his "Sugar Pop" and he was my "Sugar Papa." I remember missing his birthday party one year due to conflicting schedules and I never thought I'd hear the end of it, but he forgave me, as he did everyone.

To be honest with you, Tuna's personal life is just as much a mystery to me as is his name. I really wish I had more stories I could tell you about Tuna, other than him showing up on the pool deck a little tipsy every now and again. I guess I could say he was one of the most genuine people I've come across in my time spent living in the Land o' Flakes.

Эй Tuna,

Вы любили и будет не хватать.

Sugar Pop

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