Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Madison!

It was 3:00 a.m. when that little shit decided it was time to get ready to make an appearance.

I got out of bed, and started timing my contractions. 15 minutes apart...I've got time to take a shower.

I took a LONG, hot shower, not knowing when the next time I would be able to do so without interruption.

4:30 a.m. - I woke Mark up to tell him that I was in labor, and that the contractions were now about every 12 minutes. He leapt out of bed and sprang into action. Coffee! check. Hospital bag in the car! check. Wife! ... wife? Where are you?

I wasn't ready to go. I called the hospital to see what I should be doing and to let my doc know it was go time. They said I could come right in and they would take care of letting my doctor know that there was about to be another baby girl in the world.

When I hung up the phone, Mark was waiting patiently by the door with my jacket, ready to become a dad. But, I still wasn't ready to go. So I took a bath and shaved my legs, again, not knowing when I would be able to do it again in peace.

By this time, my parent's, sister Katherine and nephew Ted were starting to get out of bed, rubbing eyes, drinking hot caffeinated beverages, the anticipation building. It was around 8:00 a.m. The contractions were 10 minutes apart.

Mark, now pacing in front of the door, started to get antsy. He began to have a sense of urgency in his voice, gently pushing me to hurry up. But I still wasn't ready. I didn't want to be in a hospital for any longer than I needed to be and still had things to get a pedicure.

My big sister offered to drive me up to the nail salon, which would be open in a half an hour. This is when Mark lost it. He raised his voice, threw hands in the air and spoke his mind. Again, I didn't know the next time I was going to be able to have a pedicure, and told him to relax. I would let him know when I was ready to go to the hospital.

When the beauty shop opened up, I got my talons trimmed, scrubbed and painted fire engine red. Contractions were now 8 minutes apart, and so I began my breathing exercises to help ease my growing discomfort. TIP: If you are ever in a hurry at the beauty salon, tell them you're in labor and they will give you the fastest pedicure ever. Who wants to clean up after a woman shits out a baby in your place of work...hence the lightening speed at which is was primped.

By the time we reached home, I was exhausted from being up so early and, obviously, being in labor. I had no idea that it would make me so tired, so I tried to lay down and take a nap, but Mark took charge and whisked me off to the hospital, despite my protests.

I got to the hospital at 12:00 noon. By 2:00, I was singing and laughing and really enjoying the numbing sensation that the epidural I just got was delivering. TIP: If you must have a baby, get an epidural. My thinking: Your child isn't EVER going to thank you for the pain you went through to bring them into this world, and for the next 18-23 years they will cause you nothing but heartache, so why not enjoy your last few hours of freedom and take all the drugs you can get.

At 6:30, my doctor broke my water. I began pushing 5 minutes later and with in the half hour, she little lady spilled out from within my loins, guts hanging out everywhere, screaming, but beautiful as ever.

It was 7:05 p.m. December 20, 2006 when I became a mom. I was 23 years old. I felt so helpless at the fact that my baby's future may be short lived, but I have never felt more powerful and responsible. Like I had been given a special flower that would bloom for a lifetime, and with the right amount of light, food and care, I was the only person who could actually make it bloom.

Happy Birthday, Madison Claire Cegielski, my beautiful flower!

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