Saturday, December 22, 2012

Year in Review: May

May was something special. First there was Madison's school trip to Underwood Family Farms. The kids got an interactive farm and food discussion, a tractor ride and were able to pick a pound of strawberries! Great preschool field trip.
Crabby Pants and her friends in the strawberry fields

Emily, Sammy & Madison with their berries

The there was Memorial Day weekend...Soundset 2012! Robert was lucky enough to join me on this lightening fast trip, because he was still free to fly on the plane, and spent the weekend hanging out with Gma and Poppy while I ran around like a fool with my girl Marie.

I had been waiting since January for this weekend, when Mark bought me the plane ticket for my birthday. The months, weeks and days seemed to drag on up until we departed, and, of course, the time seemed to fly by once we were in Minnesota.

In his fly ride with Poppy

We got to see cousin Ada, too!

Marie: about to leave for Soundset

I'm ready to go

This is how we do it...dork style

VIP lunch

Dude, have your gf/bf pop that fucking zit. It is staring at me in the face!

People starting to file in

I am pretty sure this was Grieves

Tony & Marie: Trying to recover from the heat & humidity

Nice Shades

Dead Sexy

This was when the first clouds started to show up


Storm rolling into the area

This was just as the show got called. A tornado swooped into the area, and the resulting winds cause a bunch of equipment back stage to get destroyed.
Even though Soundset got canceled just before Atmosphere came on, it was still an amazing experience. I got to see Prof kill it yet again, Grieves, Brother Ali, break dancers, skateboarders and people getting sprayed with a fire hose and sliding down a muddy hill. I think this needs to become an annual trip for me!

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