Thursday, December 27, 2012

How I Came to Enjoy Hip Hop: Part III

*This is not a review of the albums, per say. I hate music reviews, 'cause I'd rather decide for myself the tracks I like, rather than listening to some music snob, like my Uncle Shitty, tell me what to like (Although U.S. does have some great suggestions for music should you need one.).

For those of you who aren't familiar with the music of Prof, I suggest you take a listen. Not only are his albums free to download, they are pretty fucking tight and guaranteed to light up the party, make you drink 'til you black out or even want to practice making a baby (I would put out more if my man would learn the words to this song.). I know I'm not doing Prof complete justice by not talking about all of his projects, but here is a run down of my favorite albums. If you likey, you can go here and listen, download, jerk yourself off or whatever it is you like to do when listening to great music.

Kaiser von Powderhorn:
Released: May 9, 2008
What I love about this EP is that it is a straight up, in yo face, "This is who I am, motherfucker!" album with no shame in the lyrics, and honestly I just want to shake my ass for all it's worth when I listen to KVP.
Favorite track, if I had to pick just one: Baby Jacob. What to do when mama shits another kid out into a tumultuous family setting? Esp. love the telephone conversations at the end. The first girl seems like a nice Minnesota Girl. She'll rub your back, cook you dinner and poop out some babies for you so your family name will carry on for another generation. It's the second bitch that annoys the fuck out of me. You know the type, she is the kind of girl who is super high maintenance, probably molested by her creepy uncle Gerald when she was a kid, so now she is also emotionally damaged and thinks that if she fucks the band she has somehow accomplished something of importance, rather than just being a nameless cum dump. She most definitely has long, stringy hair that she whips in your face when she pushes her way in front of you at the show. You know her, the bitch you wouldn't mind lighting on fire after you ask her to stop with the fucking hair, but her boyfriend/fuck buddy is all up in your grill threatening to punch you if you don't "simmer down" but you can't help yourself and just want to fight him too, because that is what this album makes me want to do as well...

Kaiser von Powderhorn 2:
Released: March 16, 2010
This is by far my favorite album that Prof has released. The number of ass shaking songs on this album is astonishing. But don't let my love of ass shaking be the judge. Just listen to the words, feel the beat (I know I haven't paid much attention to DJ Fundo, who is amazing, and fully supports the statement "A rap group is only as good as their DJ.")
Favorite track: Rules It is raunchy, raucous and a really good time. Just try not to sing along. Ha, I knew you couldn't do it! Now try not to skake yer boo-tay. Haha, MF! I knew you couldn't do it!

King Gampo:
Released: August 16, 2011
King Gampo was my first experience with Prof. It is a great place to start in terms of introducing yourself to his genius. The album carries so seamlessly from one song to the next, even with the diverse sound of each song. It is on King Gampo that I feel showcases the pure musical talents of Prof. Rapping, singing, scat (maybe not so much scat on this album, but he can do it nonetheless.), and blues. The best example I can think of is on the song Whiskey. This track gives me the mf'in chills every time I hear it. It is hard to imagine a skinny, white boy belt out these vocals, but it something that you need to see to believe. One can feel that all he really wants to do is kick back after a hard day's work, not deal with his jealous girlfriend and drink whiskey until he falls asleep, but alas, he can't because he is Prof and totally has an emotional breakdown on the next song, Myself. This album also features Brother Ali, as well as MTV Riff Raff.

Kaiser von Powderhorn 3:
Released: September 25, 2012
When I heard there was going to be a new Prof record released, I am pretty sure I (accidentally, of course) pooped my pants. This was right around the time that Brother Ali released MIADIC and P.O.S. was releasing We Don't Even Live Here, so I am sure you can imagine the excitement this little white girl felt. All I could think about what how I couldn't wait to breathe some new life into my music rotation. But then it happened. KVP3 was released and I couldn't stop listening to it. Still can't. Honestly, of the 5 slots in my car's CD player, 4 of them are Prof (the other is a CD of Christmas Standards, but I'm going to be replacing that shit ASAP now that x-mas is over!). I love how each and every song on this album show a different side of Prof. From straight up Rap (Me BoiRoughneck) to smooth, seductive R&B (Sex Ed...this is some baby making music) to the totally danceable (and there is a dance to go along with it!) Moron.

So there it is folks, a completely pointless run down of my favorite Prof albums. It is because of him that I now call myself a hip hop head...or whatever it is called. haha. 

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