Thursday, January 24, 2013

16 weeks & 6 days

It is a beautifully rainy day in Los Angeles today. I woke up several times in the dead of night to listen to the water come down.

These days are few and far between, and though most Angelenos would prefer the sunshine over the rain, I've come to love the cleansing. That and it reminds me of spring in Minnesota.

Speaking of spring in Minnesota, I will shortly be purchasing airline tickets for a trip to Minne in May. On the agenda: a canoe trip, a baby shower for my sister Katherine (!!!),  and a hip hop festival. I would have normally gone alone, but my Mother-in-law, Mareda is taking the kids there with me. However, once I hit Minnesota, I am gone and the rest of my travel companions will surely be up to no good with my parents. Good times to be had by all!

So this is your warning Minnesota: If you want to see me & the kids, go on a canoe trip above Taylors Falls, be in attendance at Kat's shower, buy a VIP ticket to Soundset or get in touch with Ma + Pa!

See you in a few weeks...

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