Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oops, you're not supposed to do that to your children?

Me on parenting: WTF was that?!

I feel like I am constantly being blindsided by how insane Madison gets, but reassured by how happy Robert is.

Now I am not one really get all happy, squishy about babies. I like them when they can yell "I HATE YOU, MOM!" At least then you know you're doing something right...right? Anyway, before I digress, I just thought I should share my beautiful morning. Up at 5:30 with a happy baby boy. Make some coffee, whilst listening to him sing his little happy baby songs. Go out to the patio and enjoy the quiet dark of the morning with my son. Being out here with him also makes me also think about how happy I get every time I see a garbage truck (especially ones with yellow butts.), because of how excited Madison gets when she sees a garbage truck (especially ones with yellow butts!). This actually helps to dull the little ache in my heart every time she tells me that she hates me.

Happy Boy!

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