Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hot Shower

I feel like I am stuck in my storytelling. I got to a point where I could stop for a minute, and now it feels like I can't really start again. I think I need some jumper cables. Anyone? Anyone, please?

So it is a Saturday morning, roughly 8:00 am. Mark is still in bed, but I wish he would get up so I could go take a shower. I feel greasy. My hair is really shiny and hasn't moved despite how much movement i have done this morning. It needs to be washed. I also reek like microwaved ham.

I'm dreaming of the hot water coming out of the  shower head, washing away my filth on a bed of artificially scented Dove soap bubbles. And my hair...oh my hair is up in a soapy bun on top of my head, cutting through the grease and dirt, while I wash off eye makeup from a few days ago.

I may even shave my legs.

But that means I would have to wash the bed sheets, and even that seems a bit ambitious for today.

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