Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eugene, Oregon.

By the time they got to Eugene it was well after 1:00am. Neil checked into the motel, while Maryanne waited in the car, slightly buzzed from the swigs of whiskey and marijuana cigarettes the two had consumed on the quiet drive into Oregon. You see, the car radio didn't work and tho they had not seen each other in months, Neil and Maryanne didn't have much to say to each other, except to let the other know a piss break was needed.

The motel room looked like any other. Two queen sized beds, a long, low chest of drawers that held the television, a closet with some clangy metal hangers and a bathroom with a tub and shower. It was a clean room and didn't smell like cigarettes. It was home for the next 10 or so hours.

"Mare," Neil called to her as they entered the room, "Now you see, I am going to be very busy tomorrow. You'll have to find something to do while I am in this meeting."

Maryanne nodded as she poured two more shots of whiskey into two glasses next to the bathroom sink. She knew this was an important meeting for her brother. He was scoping out grad schools, and if it meant that she had to find a quiet place to think tomorrow so that her dear sibling would move back west, she would do whatever it took.

Then they each took a steamy, hot shower, changed into pajamas and sat in their respective beds, sipping on the whiskey and watching free HBO until the whiskey took control of their minds and lulled them into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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