Wednesday, February 20, 2013

About Maryanne

Maryanne, quite unlike her brother, was a runt. She was the biggest baby of the litter, but over time coffee and cigarettes, she presumed, stunted her physical growth. And tho she was young, just barely 21 years, her emotional growth continued in leaps and bounds, sometimes surpassing her ability to keep pace. To others who were unaware of this affliction, she came off as crazy and aloof.

Maryanne was an introvert. She preferred the quiet playground of her imagination over the company of others. She was different from other girls. Strong and independent, but shy and submissive. She always did as she was told, but would be secretly plotting her revenge if she didn't like what she was doing. She was sweet, but poisonous. A lot of locked doors in that house, but that is the way it had to be. For protection, naturally.

On occasion, Maryanne would take a lover. Sometimes more, but it was mostly monogamous. Her partners were also introverted and shy and liked their space too, so it was only on occasion that they would meet for a walk through the park followed up with obligatory sex. This was fine for Maryanne. She was content.

Even as a child, Maryanne felt like a caged bird, yearning to be set free. She was a big fish in a small bowl. So when she set out into the world, she was quite prepared to take on anything, she thought. Get shelter, get a job, find permanent shelter. That was all she had to do, she thought. The rest would just fall into place, she thought, and if she needed money there was always prostitution. But again, the emotional tidal wave collapsed on top of her, she lost her balance and found herself living in a studio apartment near downtown Los Angeles.

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