Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding Cake!

My older sister Katherine just got engaged to her boyfriend Brian. They went on vacation down to Las Vegas and then drove down to Phoenix to visit some friends. On the way to Phoenix, they stopped at the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon where he popped the question!

I am not sure the entire stpry of their relationship, but I do know that they were friends in high school and have been dating for over a year (Really, was about time!). My nephew really likes him to, which, I think, is more important than Katherine alone liking him.

Now that they are engaged, Mark is all afraid that Brian is going to take over the spot of Favorite Son-In-Law, a position he has held without contest for the past 4 years!'ll always be the first, Mark!

The strange thing now is that I cannot stop thinking about weddings! Haha, I was so glad to get mine over and done with and didn't want anything to do with planning a wedding ever again, but now I find myself looking through thousands of photos of wedding dresses, event locations, cakes (oh Lord, I do love cake!), flowers...pestering Katherine with about a bajillion e-mails a day with links to what I thought would be awesome!

Someone needs to tell me to slow down. Remind me that this is not MY wedding.

I just can't help myself. This is such an EXCITING time! Woo hoo!

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