Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar High

Well Halloween has come and gone. I must say that it has been getting better and better every year. The older Madison gets, the more excited she is to get dressed up and go Trick-or-Treating. Plus, she is still young enough that I can get dressed up too and have some fun without being an embarrassment (To her, at least!).

Last night Auntie Rotten, Maddy and I went as The Big Bad wolf, Red Riding Hood and Grandma. It was a hit with all of the houses we stopped at, and she came home with a good stash of candy that I may or may not get to steal from! Robert came with us too! He was Charlie Brown and was a trooper through our late evening. We didn't get home from all of the festivities until a quarter 'til ten!

Now that Halloween is over we can start looking forward to Thanksgiving, Madison's birthday and Christmas. It is hard to believe that 2010 is coming to a close. I just barely started remembering to write 2010 on my checks, and now it is going to be 2011?! Where does the time go?

This was Maddy's first pumpkin. In a fit of rage it was chucked off the patio table and smashed.

 There is a little girl in the wolf suit!


Halloween Parade at ABC Little School

Grandma Mareda, Madison & Robert

Hiding out inside a GIANT pumpkin at school, scaring the other children

Wolfie got HUN-GRY!

At Rick & Debby's Halloween party...this was later in the evening after a shit ton of candy had been DEVOURED!

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